Completed Project

March 15, 2019 5.18kWp.


Hidden Valley Resort PV Installation updates. September 3, 2018

The installation team tried to fix the punch list from LLUI. However, Master. Komori decided to bring Japanese standard mounting systems by himself. Bbecause of the Master. Komori has his pride as a professional and supervises by his own.

Master.Komori denied signing the papers for turn over. because, the results of the final inspection couldn't make him satisfied.

At last, LLUI agreed to turnover as Philippines standard. The 49.95kw system has started to generate electricity and supply to all of the resort.

On SEP 1st, we can have a turnover ceremony of Hidden Valley Resort.

However,Master.Komori decided to bring Japanese standard mountaining systems by himself. because, Master.Komori has his pride as a professional and supervise by his own. He will decided to replace these mountaining systems as Japanese standard.

First Picture it was a Philippines standard. 2nd and last that was the Japanese standard. You can see the difference among Philippines and Japanese standard by seeing this sample pictures.

LLUI was impressed LAMAC cooperative's noble aim. At last, LLUI agreed to donate 5 units of solar lamp, world-class quality and best in the world.

Master Komori have a discussion with 2 executive engineers about Japanese standard mountaining system and bring here in Philippines.

We do our best to post more pictures and keep updated. Thank You.

Hidden Valley Resort PV Installation updates

We have finished more than 40 kW of solar modules.


Install to the residence of Capt. Abella in Davao.

5.18kw by 100% made in Japan Solar frontier SFK185S module x 28 units + made in Germany SMA inverter. Perfect combination! Thank you Capt. Abella & family.

With MR. President.   With MR. Senior Assistant Bongo.


With Secretary Penol of Department of Agriculture.


Today, We start to install 49.95kw at Hidden Valley Mountain Resort LAMAC Cebu under supervising Master. Komori who is the most famous Master installer in Japan!! Solar frontier SFK 185Sx270 units.

Look!! Master.Komori's perfect gear equipment. This is the real Japanese professional.
  1. safety harness
  2. helmet
  3. safety non slipped shoes
  4. safety non slipped gloves.
  5. perfect electric tools made in Japan. these gears and equipment and his genius skills and over 20 years experiences make the perfect installation.