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August 30, 2016

Solar Business Consulting / Solar System Supplier

Solar Irrigation System / Renewable Power Supply

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines, Inc.

Chair Man Wataru Sekiguchi

Greetings from our CEO


I am Wataru Sekiguchi; "Seki-san" to you. I'm from Japan, and the Philippines is my second home. I first visited the Philippines in 1986 to go scuba diving in Cebu. Since then, I have returned several times in this country of beautiful places, rich culture, and inhabited with the warmest and friendliest people. Needless to say, I have fallen in love with the Philippines. To show my appreciation to the Filipino people for their kindness, I have decided to start businesses here similar to my successful businesses in Japan.

I am a pioneer in the solar business in Japan. I have successfully formed and managed the first and only cooperative of solar power installers. Furthermore, I also established an academy to train solar power installers. I have developed and built over 350 MW of solar power plants. Owing to my success in the solar power industry, I was appointed to the Technical Working Group of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). While I have achieved a lot in the solar power industry, I have learned much more. It is thus my sincere desire to share my knowledge and success to the Filipinos.

With my burning passion to help, I want to uplift the Philippine solar power industry through proven business models I carry with me from my country, Japan. These includes, (1) providing credentialed training for solar installers leading to professional certifications that will be recognized internationally; then (2) empowering the trained professional installers with job and income opportunities through the projects that I develop; and finally (3) enabling their transformation into entrepreneurs by supporting their efforts via material supply and other business services.

I am now 58 years old and I feel that my successes in life and businesses will be incomplete if I do not share them. To do this, I will provide growth opportunities by teaching new skills to Filipinos in the business of solar power wherein I have been most successful in my own country, Japan. Sincerely, this is my way of showing my gratitude to a people who are no less than kind to me.

Corporate History

The roots of LLUI are in Japan. Mr. Sekiguchi entered the renewable energy business in Japan in 1999 with a biodiesel venture of his holding Company, Sekiguchi Sangyo. In 2005, he decided to focus on solar. While installing a modest 1 MW of solar power systems in his first 3 years of operation, Mr. Sekiguchi was also laying the foundations for sustained growth of his businesses, that is, professionalizing installers and sourcing quality products. With the introduction of the solar Feed-in-Tariff in 2008, he formed Eco-Shift, the first and only cooperative of solar installers in Japan with 15 individual and corporate members. On the following year 2009, he established the Tokyo Solar Business Academy in Saitama Prefecture to train solar power installers. The Academy grew from its original site with 50 students to 3 campuses with 20,000 graduates. Under Mr. Sekiguchi's directorship, Eco-Shift likewise grew in 2012 to include 100 members and completed a total of 100 MW of solar installations. This was followed by a period of rapid expansion. In 2013, the Cooperative grew again to 252 members and completed 500 MW of installations. In 2014, it grew further to 300 members and 1GW of installations. Finally, in 2015 and as a result of a greatly reduced Feed-In-Tariff, the 240 remaining members had completed installing a total of 1.2 GW of solar power installations.

To complement Eco-Shift, Mr. Sekiguchi also developed solar PV projects through Sekiguchi Sangyo. In the 10 years from 2008 to 2018, he built 350 MW of solar power plants, most of which he eventually sold to leading infrastructure and investment companies in Japan. He still retains ownership of a newly completed 17.8 Mw plant in Kagoshima. With LLUI, Mr. Sekiguchi hopes not only to replicate his success in Japan but, more importantly, to help develop the Philippine solar power industry and to provide growth opportunities to Filipinos in the business of solar power.

LLUI SCHOOL OF SOLOR with English Subtitles